• Our consultants will provide you with a hands-on approach from your very first consultation during your personalised surgical journey up until your recovery.
  • 1 Cosmetic Group only uses fully equipped private hospitals, which are highly regarded and regulated by The Care Quality Commission, Department of Health UK.
  • Our clinical staff will strive to be transparent, open and honest, collaboratively communicating with you during each step of your surgical journey.
  • At 1 Cosmetic Group, we are patient-driven when it comes to your surgical journey. To understand your desires and vision for your cosmetic surgery, we invite you to speak to one of our expert surgeons to openly and honestly discuss options, express any concerns, questions or thoughts you may have.
  • Anaesthesia is provided for every client to help pain management.
  • Our surgeons use modern and meticulous closure techniques to help minimise scarring.
  • We strive to use top of the end personally tailored recovery techniques to help minimise your pain after surgery and speed up your healing process