Below are some frequently asked questions.

The initial consultation is £195

At 1 Cosmetic Group, we believe in hiring the finest clinical staff to guide you through your surgical journey. We believe that our reputation is heightened by our exclusivity. All our consultants and doctors are all UK registered, highly regarded and few even world famous, specialising in the newest techniques to ensure the best results are achieved alongside with high quality of care. Our results speak for themselves and believe that our refined surgical cosmetic procedures that we offer are the drivers of our service. We don’t believe in using doctors and consultants as a marketing stunt. Upon establishing your chosen procedure, your details will be forwarded to our surgical lead who will then confer with our group of surgeons to choose your consultant best matched to fit your needs. Subsequently, we will invite you to a consultation where you are more than welcome to request additional information about our consultants if you require.

You will one of our highly trained consultants and have roughly an hour conversation with them. This consultation will involve having a discussion about your medical history, physical examination and an open conversation about your idea of your desired look. A GP referral is not required for a consultation.

We recommend you bring a close friend or family member to your consultation to guarantee you feel comfortable throughout your surgical journey. If you have any recent blood tests or x-rays you are welcome to bring them along to your consultation, but they are not obligatory.

Absolutely! Consultations are there for you to thoroughly go through the information regarding the procedure, the risks it might involve and allows you time to ask questions that you might have. Remember, surgery is all about you and at 1 Cosmetic Group, your safety and exceeding your expectations are our top priority. Having multiple consultations does not only allow you to understand what cosmetic surgery entails, but also allows our consultants to get a better idea of your vision.

As a culturally diverse clinic, we specialise in putting you and your values first. We understand that people come from different backgrounds and religions from across the world, so our aim is to be one of the first companies to provide male or female-only surgical environments. T&Cs apply

Unfortunately pain comes part and parcel when it comes to any surgery, which requires and incision. We aim to have a personalised and individualised pain management plan in place for you during your surgical as well as your recovery journey to minimise the pain levels to the best of our abilities.

Our consultants are trained in cutting-edge and modern closure techniques to help minimise scarring. Typically scars will fade overtime, but there might be a faint line visible depending on the size of the incision. Please see photos in the gallery for additional information.