What Is a Breast Reduction?

A Breast Reduction is one of the most transformational surgeries available on the market.

It can lift significantly improve your appearance and deliver incredible health benefits. Patients can achieve permanent relief from back and neck pain that frequently affects women with oversized breasts; it offers greatly increased mobility, flexibility and freedom, it eliminates the discomfort of bra straps relentlessly digging into the shoulders and can restore confidence and eliminate the self-consciousness that often arises with anomalous physical features. This procedure is commonly performed at the same time as a breast lift to ensure that your new, smaller bust is perfectly proportioned and looking its best.

If any of the following sound familiar to you, a breast reduction and lift may be just the solution you need:

  • Back, neck or shoulder pain. If you are experiencing this and have a large bust, there is a very good chance the two are related as it would seem that your breasts are too heavy for your frame. Breast Reduction surgery can fix this permanently.
  • Skin rashes, irritation, infection and several other unhealthy and potentially harmful conditions beneath your breasts. A large chest may cause a combination of strain on the skin, ongoing chafing or friction and a limited airflow in the under-area. Unsurprisingly, this can eventually cause a number of possibly dangerous skin conditions. If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, it is tremendously important that these issues are addressed prior to them causing serious or irreparable damage. Oftentimes, a person can make temporary changes, for example in the type of clothing they wear, their lifestyle choices and physical activity, but these are in no way a permanent solution.
  • Bra strap indentations on your shoulders. This is neither normal nor healthy and we strongly recommend that you try to find alternative bras that offer the required level of support. We understand that this may not be as easy as it sounds. If you have already attempted this and nothing seems to be alleviating the discomfort, then a Breast Reduction may be the best and most effective solution for you.
  • Pendulous breasts or nipples and areoles which point in a downward position? It is common for a woman to desire perkier and youthful breasts, but there may also be health risks associated with this particular problem it is. Whilst sagging is commonplace as a woman ages, nipples and areoles which point downwards, indicates a strain on both the skin and breast tissue itself, which will continue to worsen. A Breast Reduction and Lift will provide an immediate difference and significantly reduce the chance of health problems later associated with this later.
  • An asymmetrical chest. This is far more than just an aesthetic issue; it can significantly affect a person’s balance and posture.
  • The feeling of self-consciousness. It is vital for a person to feel physically and mentally happy in their own body. Overly large breasts can be eye-catching and because of this, women report feelings of being ‘buried’ underneath them.
  • Breasts affecting physical activity. Overly large breasts can be an inconvenience when attempting any kind of physical sports or fitness. Our previous patients frequently state how amazing they feel with their new found freedom and mobility; stating it’s beyond what they could ever have hoped for.

How does a Breast Reduction and Lift procedure work?

Of all our cosmetic surgery procedures, breast reduction surgery has some of the highest satisfaction rates. Thousands of women have experienced unbelievable life-changing results, and there is no reason you can’t too.

As with every procedure at 1 Cosmetic Group, an uplift and enlargement will start with an in-depth consultation where you will meet with one of our helpful clinical staff. You should openly discuss your goals and expectations and any issues you would like to resolve, and they will assess your surgical requirements and determine what can be realistically achieved.

You will be given detailed information on the surgical procedure. The surgery is conducted under general anaesthetic and takes approximately three hours; this is largely dependent on the amount of tissue that is to be removed. There are three main types of breast reduction surgery and each work best according to the individual’s circumstance.

Inverted-T mammoplasty is the most widely used method, consisting of making three small incisions; one around the areola, one on the breast underside and one around the crease below the breast.

This offers the required access to breast tissue for a smoother and simpler operation, whilst ensuring the incision scars remain practically invisible. Breast tissue is then removed, and the skin is tightened around the smaller shape. The size of the areola is dramatically reduced and positioned higher and more naturally.

Where necessary, liposuction is applied to the underarm area in order to improve skin contours and achieve a better look.

Vertical mammoplasties achieve the same results with a simpler operation and less scarring. They are similar to the triple incision method but do not use the horizontal incision. The disadvantage is that it is only suitable for moderately large breasts and are not suitable for those with a very large chest.

In some rare cases where breasts are overly large, separating mammoplasties are used. The nipples and areoles need to be entirely removed from their underlying tissue if one is to achieve the desired natural appeasing smaller breasts. This will result in a complete loss of sensation in the nipples and the capacity to breastfeed. Rest assured, the likelihood of this procedure being required is extremely slim.

Make a Positive Change Today

Overly large breasts can cause a severe range of concerns. They are uncomfortable, painful, inconvenient and the source of a lot of chronic health problems. A significant number of women endure pain, but will not seek treatment. You do not need to suffer in silence. The simple, effective and permanent treatment is readily available.

Comparing Results


RECOVERY from breast reduction

You will stay in the hospital overnight in a custom fit dressing and support bra. Pain is managed with oral medications and you can be expected to return to work within 2 weeks and normal physical activity after 6 weeks.


Most women are still able to breast feed, but any operation that involves moving the NAC as with a breast reduction can potentially interfere with breast feeding.


Juvenile breast hyperplasia is a physiological condition that does affect some young girls where the breasts are very large and grow at a fast rate. After careful consideration and consultation with a Plastic Surgeon and Endocrinologist a breast reduction can be performed as early as age 18.