A Breast Lift, also known as Mastopexy, is a cosmetic surgical procedure intended to lift, rejuvenate and reshape the breasts.

The main aim of any breast augmentation and lift operation is to rejuvenate the appearance of your breasts, but mastopexy surgery specifically removes unwanted and excess skin, moves or corrects the nipples and areoles, and reshapes the chest for improved projection and a new look which is tailored specifically to the results you desire. This is a very popular procedure, particularly due to how common it is for the breasts to become uneven due to ageing effects or cosmetic damage.

Is a Mastopexy the right choice?

Each year, tens of thousands of women decide to undergo a Mastopexy London procedure, but is it the right choice for you? The best results come from clear goals and a desire to fix specific physical concerns.

If any of the following sounds familiar to you, a breast lift surgery may be just the solution:

  • Did your breasts change permanently after giving birth to breastfeeding? This is a situation we see regularly and it is usual for people to choose to restore their breasts once they have completed their family.
  • Are you bothered by a pendulous bust? Many women feel that sagging breasts are not only uncomfortable, but unappealing and inconvenient. Research shows this can lead to constant back pain, problems with posture and a variety of health issues. As such, many Mastopexy patients opt to have the operation for non-cosmetic reasons, but to dramatically improve their long-term health.
  • Do your nipples and areoles point in a downward position? This is an all too common consequence of the ageing process, and a number of women decide to resolve this issue in addition to reaping the rejuvenating benefits of a Mastopexy augmentation.
  • Do you feel a lack of firmness in your breasts? As a consequence of ageing, genetics or both, this is another issue faced by many women and one that breast lifts are primarily designed to resolve.
  • Do you suffer from asymmetrical breasts? This can occur to any individual and to different extents over time, and in extreme cases can cause an array of long-term health issues.

If your breasts feel different or are notably different in size, we recommend you come in for a consultation to assess whether this may lead to future health concerns.

If you are unhappy with the appearance or worried about the health of your breasts, we would love the chance to provide you with an obligation free consultation, where you will receive all the information you require. Breast lifts are particularly simple and straightforward operations, so there is no need to suffer bust-related health issues or a lack of self-confidence a moment longer.

Comparing Results



Mastopexy is performed as day surgery or overnight surgery, with the patient being discharged with oral medications to deal with moderate discomfort and a support bra to support the breasts during healing. Patients can expect to return to work within 1 week and normal physical activity after 4 weeks if no implant was used.


A breast implant alone can restore projection, firmness, emptiness and mild ptosis (sagging) of the breast. So in short yes it can, however often most patients have moderate to severe ptosis that demand reshaping the breast gland and skin excision and need a mastopexy procedure with the breast implant.


Ptosis is a term used in plastic surgery referring to descent or falling of anatomical structures. Breast ptosis is the descent of the breast gland and/or NAC. The degree of ptosis and patient preference of shape/size dictates what surgically needs to be done to restore the breast to an aesthetically higher position.