As with every procedure at 1 Cosmetic Group, Breast enlargement (Augmentation) will start with an in-depth consultation where you will meet with one of our helpful clinical staff. You should openly discuss your goals and expectations and any issues you would like to resolve, and they will assess your surgical requirements and determine what can be realistically achieved.

During the consultation, the doctor will ask you a variety of questions covering everything from your current health situation to details about the physical outcomes you desire. They will also want to discuss any current medications, allergies and any past or current medical treatments.

Depending on your requirements and your chest type, the doctor will be able to expertly recommend and guide you through all your suitable options. The operation itself is conducted under a general anaesthetic and takes between two to three hours. Excess skin will be removed and tightened to uplift the breasts and to provide enhanced projection, and the nipples will be repositioned. In a circumstance where there is not enough skin or body tissue to alter the breasts, an implant is designed to add volume and guarantee symmetry.

Breast Augmentation and Lift procedures are dependent on your particular requirements. The versatile range of options on offer, in addition to the experience of our skilled surgical team at 1 Cosmetic Group, guarantees you will find a tailored solution which suits your every need. As always, the first step is to book this initial consultation session and receive professional advice from one of our experts.

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After breast augmentation surgery, your breasts will be wrapped in gauze dressings and an elastic bandage. A surgical garment will be placed over the implants. To reduce swelling and to provide support to the breasts, a sports bra is recommended to be worn for several weeks after surgery. It is important to keep the incisions clean. To aid in healing, ease discomfort, and prevent infection, medications will be prescribed.


Depending on the incision location, scars will either be through the armpit, under the breast crease or around the areola. Typically, these scars are minimal and will fade over time. your Surgeon will recommend a course of treatment for your surgical scars, including taping.


1 Cosmetic Group offers customised breast augmentations designed to meet each patient’s individual goals. Depending on the breast size, shape, and extent of the procedure, pricing will vary. The cost will also differ based on hospital fees, anesthesia fees, and other related fees.


Minimal pain and discomfort are normal after surgery. For the first few days after breast augmentation, you should expect some soreness and swelling. Medication will be provided to Minimise any pain.