For over decades, we perceived the hourglass figure to be the ideal for female proportions. This hourglass figure involves a biconcave shape between the breast, waist and hips, which is often perceived as the definition of femininity.

At One Cosmetic Group, we understand that women have different body types. We aspire to work with you to help you achieve the body type you desire. We are committed to work with you to grant you your desired body without having to go to the gym. As a team of highly skilled body plastic surgeons, we work with your natural body shape and enhance it by defining your contours. We take into consideration your wants and strive to maintain proportions and ratios between your breast, hip and waist.

Body contouring surgery at One Cosmetic Group can allow you to achieve your ideal body shape. What we ask of you is to book in a consultation with us, to discuss your desires of what your body should look like. What we guarantee is you will get an open and honest discussion with your leading expert about how we can make your vision come to life. This can involve additional liposuction or further minimal access incision surgeries to help you achieve your ideal body shape. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.